Plans and pricing

Discover the perfect plan to optimize your Shopify eCommerce. Whether you're just starting out or managing a bustling online store, eShopBrainiac has a plan that fits your needs. Our pricing options are based on your monthly order volume.


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Business report dashboards such as:
Business data
Traffic acquisition
Traffic source
User behavior
Business interactions insights
Abandoned carts
More than 30 recommendation types such as:
Best sellers
Products bought together
Also bought by users
User personalized recommendations
Recommendation strategy builder

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There is currently no free plan available, but we offer a special plan with exclusive benefits for early adopters. Learn more and apply here!

The Early Adopter program includes a 30-day trial period, with potential extensions based on business needs and availability.

Yes, plans can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. Be aware of changes in maximum processed orders to avoid overcharges or service disruptions when changing plans. You can get more information about plan changes here.

Yes, process additional orders even after reaching your plan's limit. We offer an extra order limit feature that can be tuned to adjust an extra budget, which will be divided by the order price specified in your plan. Learn more about these feature here.

No, to avoid unwanted charges and disruptions, we do not automatically upgrade plans. We understand that order volume can fluctuate due to reasons like busy seasons, promotional campaigns, or vacations.

All plans include access to our extensive help documentation and direct support via email.

For billing purposes, we count each unique order placed on your store each day and aggregate them for the entire month.

There’s no minimum monthly order volume required to use eShopBrainiac.

For businesses processing 1500 or more orders per month, we offer custom plans tailored to your specific needs. These plans may include dedicated support, volume discounts, and features not available in standard plans. Contact us to learn more.

Active subscriptions can be canceled at any time, with your plan remaining active and processing orders until the month's end. If the order volume limit is reached, order processing will stop, including the extra order limit, so no extra charges will be made. After the end of the month, access to the platform will still be available for an extra 30 days to access and gather any data you might want to analyze. Learn more about subscriptions here.

There’s currently no limit to the number of products in the store.

You will get charged based on your monthly store orders. You can drag the slider above and check the fee you will get charged based on your total monthly store orders. You will also get charged based on the extra order limit budget configured in your plan, which can be edited at any time. Billing is handled by Shopify. See their terms of service here.

Billing is handled by Shopify, so you can pay with popular methods like credit cards, debit cards, and Shopify Pay. See more options here.

Subscription changes generally take effect every 24 hours. However, to minimize disruption for our users, we strategically schedule updates during periods of lower traffic in each region. This ensures you and your customers experience minimal impact during the transition.