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How we can help to optimize?

By helping you to find answers to the following questions

Do you know what is happening in your store?

Do you need something to personalize and seduce your customer experience?

Can you understand how online and your business are interacting?

Will it be nice to convert opportunities?

Would you like to know how you are doing in comparison with the market?

Are you tired of using different services without getting the global picture?

And more...

Our mission is to help you optimize your online store through the best information that allows you to stay tuned to make the right decisions and increase conversions

How you can optimize your online store

Get real and focused meaning analytics to make decisions

Take advantage of opportunities turning them into business

Analyze how your business is interacting online

Track the results and compare your business

Push conversion in your site with personalization strategies

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How can eShopBrainiac help in your business?

Business insight

Analyze your business



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How it works?

Boost your Shopify shop

Why eShopBrainiac?

Get Insights of your online business

Upsell, enrich site and improve navigation with Personalization strategies

Make decisions based on relevant information

Analyze and use Business interaction - products, campaigns, emails, …

Compare anonymously with the benchmark (coming)

Plans & Pricing

A plan for every business

Our aim is to assist all kinds of businesses. We’re coming soon with pricing and plans for every business type and size.

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What platforms are supported?

Want to integrate your platform or need a customized solution?


A solution for every ecommerce team

BUSINESS OWNERS: Improve business control and decision-making to boost your business performance.

MARKETING TEAMS: Get a clear view of how your marketing efforts are interacting with your business.

SHOP MANAGERS: With this partner you will have decision-making support to help you boost your sales with personalization.

AGENCIES: Get all information for your customers and help them have a clear view of the situation and interaction. Connect with Business actions (coming) to your marketing tools to boost your services.

Get in the early adopters program

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We are a start-up whose mission is to help online stores solve the problem of not knowing how to optimize an online store. For this we are opening access to our product to new customers to start using this help.

We are expanding access to customers so they can experience and provide feedback on the product. Contact us if you are interested in participating and we will give you more information.

We currently support the stoamsaas and Shopify platform. Both platforms have an easy and automatic installation. Soon we will incorporate other platforms as we want to reach all ecommerce. Contact us if you want to participate in the integration of your ecommerce platform.